About Us

AnchorageSkates is an organization for people who care about the skating oval at the Cuddy Family Midtown Park. We fund-raise for ice maintenance at the oval as well as for the completion and sustainability of the oval.

We aim to provide a year-round facility for skaters of all abilities and persuasions to use and enjoy. Some of us are casual users, others are power users, some are speedskaters, and some of us never skate. Nonetheless, all of us think Anchorage is a better place for having this facility.

Join us! If you use the Cuddy Family Midtown Park Skating Oval we ask that you join us by donating. You can make a tax-deductible contribution to AnchorageSkates. AnchorageSkates has a “donor-advised fund’ at the Alaska Community Foundation.

The online donations link is here!

Ice maintenance is more than $16,000 per year, and about 2/3 of that cost comes from supporters like you. For donating, you will receive an annual AnchorageSkates pin that you can wear with pride and it shows you care.You are invited to participate in shaping the future of the Cuddy Family Midtown Park Skating Oval. If so, contact us.


Current AnchorageSkates board members are:

Nick Enos, Art Geuss, Peter Haeussler, Jim Jager, Joe Pollock, Tim Potter, Jim Renkert, and Ron Sheardown.

This group has had considerable success, in that they drove the recent development of Midtown Park. They obtained funds for the construction of the skating oval, garnered community support, and found a home for the oval in the Cuddy Family Midtown Park.

JOIN US If you have questions, or are willing to help, click here.