We’re not done yet!

The Anchorage Skates group has had a great deal of success in getting funding for the oval, getting the oval incorporated into the park plan and planning process, and getting the oval built. However, there’s still some things to do. Monies have been set aside for lights, and they should be installed in the summer of 2010.

AnchorageSkates! Mission & Mission Definition

The mission of Anchorage Skates is to fund-raise for the completion and sustainability of the Cuddy Family Midtown Park Skating Oval.

Completion includes the oval’s physical characteristics, such as lights, an information kiosk with skating and sponsor information, benches, a warming hut, and appropriate use of the inside of the oval.

Sustainability means broad-based community support by individual and business donors, as well as excellent annual maintenance and a maintenance endowment.

Goals & Objectives

By 2020 we aim to be out of the completion phase, and to have left behind a legacy of:

1. A great skating oval and associated amenities

2. A maintenance endowment

3. A robust & sustainable organization that can carry on the legacy we have established that works with it’s primary partner organizations: the Alaska Community Foundation and Alaska Speedskating.